An annual maintenance and inspection will help ensure the safe operating condition of your equipment, helping to lower your heating costs.

The Furnace Maintenance consists of:

  • Removing blower and motor for cleaning
  • Cleaning the burners and pilots (removing if necessary
  • Cleaning the Heat Exchanger
  • Recommending replacement parts if necessary


The Following tests will be conducted as well:

  • Carbon Monoxide Test
  • Venting Test
  • Gas Pressure Test (adjustment if necessary)
  • Fan, Motor and Belt Check
  • Bearing Check
  • Pilot Check
  • Burner Check
  • Humidifier Check
  • Condensate Drain Check
  • Gas Piping Check
  • Electrical Check
  • Safety & Limits Check
  • Air Filter Check (replacement if necessary)
  • Heat Rise Check


The Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Maintenance consists of:

  • Check condensate pump and line
  • Clean Condenser
  • Electrical Check
  • Filter Check
  • Pressure Test
  • Motor Bearings Check
  • Filter Check
  • Proper Temperature Check
  • Air Flow Check


The Gas Fireplace Maintenance consists of:

  • Carbon Monoxide Check
  • Removal and Cleaning of Glass and Log Set
  • Inspection and Cleaning of:
    • Burners
    • Pilot Assembly
    • Blower
  • Inspection of:
    • Venting
    • Gas Piping
    • Flame Pattern
    • Electrical


The Generator Maintenance consists of:

  • A visual inspection of the equipment and accessories
  • Oil change with oil and air filter replacement
  • Complete tune up of the generator
  • Lubrication of all required parts
  • Inspection of starter system
  • Inspection of coolant and combustion air intake system
  • Inspection of all safety accessories for high temperature, low oil pressure, over speed and over crank
  • Inspection of automatic transfer switch
  • Simulate an electric failure and check all operating equipment in order to make sure it works
  • satisfactorily