GEOSMART Premium H Hydronic System


GeoSmart Energy’s Premium H® hydronic forced air systems have become an industry standard for high efficiency home and water heating. The Premium H® will meet all your needs for radiant floor heating, domestic hot water, pool and/or spa heating and melt ice and snow offering you years of worry-free comfort from the moment the system is installed. Most models are also able to provide chilled water for cooling.


The Premium H®, housed in an attractive blue and stainless steel cabinet, features sophisticated state-of-the-art components that make it the preferred choice for high performance home and hot water heating. It heats water at a fraction of the cost of ordinary boilers and water heaters.

For every unit of electricity used by the Premium H® to operate the heat pump, it generates an uncomparable four units of ‘free’ energy from the earth. That equates into an efficiency rating of 400%!

Designed to meet a wide range of home applications, it can easily be installed in both newly constructed and existing homes, regardless of what climate you live in.

When combined with a GeoSmart geothermal system for conditioning air inside the home, the complete system provides the ultimate in savings, comfort and safe, reliable, quiet performance.

  • exceptional comfort
  • energy efficient
  • cost effective
  • safe, clean and eco-friendly
  • reliable